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Anita Lewicka
5 years 4 months
Thanks a lot! I wish you had got to know the place and the people, or vice versa. Anyway, generally...
5 years 4 months
I was so moved reading about Teachers' Training College in Poland. I didn't get to know the place...
Anita Lewicka
5 years 10 months
Thank you very much, Justyna. Another article is coming today. I do appreciate your feedback. Hope...
5 years 11 months
"You don't just read for the sake of reading or for holding a book in your hands."-You just read...
5 years 11 months
I hate 14th February as I see hearts, angels, sweets, roses, and all this St Valentine's Day...

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by Anita Lewicka
My name is Anita Lewicka. I come from Poland, where I obtained thorough linguistic education and had a successful, approximately twenty-year-long career as a teacher of English, as a teacher trainer and a co-author of educational coursebooks, tests and sample examination papers for Cambridge University Press...