Friendly Lingua was born in the NL in 2014 and ….  happily reborn in PL in 2016. A new beginning? Well, yes! By all means it is! With some Dutch experience behind me, I’ve decided to come back to my homeland and to open Friendly Lingua anew to the people who already know it and to those who will get to know it, hopefully.

I came back to Poland in July 2016 and every day since then has been fraught with still another professional offer. POLAND IS A LAND OF EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. Just look around and the potential is here.

With some educational challenges ahead of me, I offer the following:

-          language tutoring and coaching – Skype mode;

-          in-company language courses;

-          methodology workshops concerning teaching foreign languages;

-          translation services;

-          educational materials writing and editing.

Friendly Lingua officially  opens  in Poland on 1st  September 2016 and will stay loyal to the statement: LANGUAGE IS PASSION.

I promise to write some blog posts – shorter this time. I promise to give some language hints and links in my Facebook group. So, follow Friendly Lingua to see the latest updates.