Friendly Lingua

Why ‘Friendly Lingua’ (“friendly language’)? Well, it is a combination of two words which come from the two languages I really adore, namely from English and from Italian. I think studying a foreign language means meeting a new person. We get to know the new person, we get to like the new person to finally make friends with the new person. Do we stay BFFs? If we care about this friendship, if we are systematic and enthusiastic, then this friendship grows and grows for us to become kindred spirits. Some may say and doubt: “How is it possible to make friends with a language? It’s not a real human being after all.” Yes, it’s true but this relationship between us and the language is about caring. And what is “caring” if not one of the most essential ingredients of friendship. So, let’s be friends with a foreign language and let’s stay friends. This takes us to the other part of the combination ‘Friendly Lingua’, to ‘lingua’ itself. As I said before, English and Italian have been my passion for a long time. The passage to English started with vocabulary and grammar exploration, whilst the passage to Italian started with the culture and beauty of the Mediterranean Region. Two different ways which led to one ultimate goal – to the “language” (Eng) or to the “lingua” (It). Therefore, I would like to welcome you to my world in which you may be exposed to various faces of English, Italian and Polish. Whereas I got to learn and study the first two languages, the third one is my mother tongue, which I cherish bearing in mind the words: “Who doesn’t know foreign languages, knows nothing of their own” (Goethe).


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