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22/08/2016 by Anita Lewicka
Friendly Lingua was born in the NL in 2014 and ….  happily reborn in PL in 2016. A new beginning? Well, yes! By all means it is! With some Dutch experience behind me, I’ve decided to come back to my homeland and to open Friendly Lingua anew to the people who already know it and to those who will get to...
03/01/2016 by Anita Lewicka
Have a happy new year, not a happy New Year because then I’d refer to 1st January only, which would be rude of me to do, wouldn’t it? However, some may argue and say that in greetings and cards you’d better capitalize the words in order to stress their impact and to make sure they do come from the bottom of...
04/12/2015 by Anita Lewicka
Let me tell you a story….With her half-closed and somewhat weary eyes, Grandma sits beside Jimmy, her much beloved grandson. Genuinely concerned about his tricky question,  the woman averts her sight from the boy and fixes her solemn eyes on the stony floor as if desperately trying to find an answer she...
02/11/2015 by Anita Lewicka
1st November is traditionally celebrated as All Saints’ Day, whereas 2nd November – All Souls’ Day. The days are particularly festive and solemn in Poland. I miss the Polish tradition in the Netherlands, where there’s just a handful of people visiting their deceased nearest and dearest. Yesterday, on 1st...
20/10/2015 by Anita Lewicka
“Students who experience heightened emotional interest are pulled toward a subject because they are energized, excited, and emotionally engaged by the material.” These words of Joseph Mazer (ref. below) go hand in hand with communication behaviours, including teachers’ immediacy behaviours. It’s hard to...

Language is passion

Languages have always fascinated me. The more I explore their intricacies, the more similarities I can see within their vocabulary items and grammatical structures. I would like to share this linguistic fascination with you offering you my teaching experience based on communication, cultural integration and individualization. You are in the centre of my attention and I am just your guide.

Anita Lewicka Friendly Lingua

Anita Lewicka

Who am I?

  • I am a college teacher / lecturer and have been teaching English at all levels (A1-C2) for almost twenty years now;
  • I am an author and a co-author of coursebooks, tests and sample examination papers for Cambridge University Press; 

What do I do?

  • I work with teenagers and adults conducting general as well as ESP (English for Special Purposes) classes and tutorials; 
  • I teach others how to teach, i.e. I am a teacher trainer who shows others various teaching techniques and the latest trends in education;
  • I correct and review final external examination papers in English at lower and higher secondary school levels (A2-B2) in accordance with the Central Examination Board in Poland; 
  • I employ the latest technologies – visual and audio stimuli are very often present in my classes; 
  • I tend to work on self-generated materials and am continuously ready to give my students feedback on their progress; 
  • I conduct classes and workshops for in-service teachers following self-designed syllabi and materials;
  • I love the Italian language and the culture of the Apennine Peninsula – holding university teaching qualifications, I conduct Italian lessons with elements of culture (levels: A1-B2) introducing samples of Italian cuisine in the background; 

How do I teach?

  • My classes and tutorials are customised, i.e. I adjust my teaching methods to your individual needs; 
  • In my classes you get to know the language via culture, arts, literature and history; 
  • If you want to prepare for such Cambridge examinations as IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE; if you wish to be ready to take and pass your lower- and higher-secondary school examinations in Poland; If you feel like studying for secondary-school final examinations in the Netherlands (VMBO, HAVO, VWO); or maybe you think of taking your examinations in Italian (CELI, CILS), then this is the place just for you;

You are more than welcome to read my Blog to find out more. Besides, the information there and extra teaching materials will be added and updated regularly.